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One of the many things we hear frequently from our guests, is they wish they had booked longer. They didn’t realise how much there was to see and do in Oamaru and would plan to come again but stay longer. We think three nights is a good amount to see and experience Oamaru and the surrounding Waitaki region.
Over the past years Oamaru has become more popular for international tourists, as well as travelling New Zealanders. During peak season many guests are surprised when they call-in to book a room, to find we are full along with other major motels. Oamaru is close to Dunedin so when Dunedin’s accommodation fills up the overflow will come to Oamaru this is always a given when big stars have concerts in Dunedin. (special note: book in advance)

Oamaru Accommodation

Bushy Beach - The Yellow Eyed Penguin (Bird of the Year 2019)

The Māori name, hoiho (meaning noise shouter), was given because of its shrill call. The Yellow-Eyed Penguin can be found on Bushy Beach at dusk. They are among the rarest of the penguin species. Larger and much rarer than their little blue cousins, yellow-eyed penguins waddle ashore at Bushy Beach in the late afternoon to feed their young. In order to protect these endangered birds, the beach is closed to people from 3 pm onwards, but there are hides set up on the cliffs (you'll need binoculars for a decent view). The best time to see them is two hours before sunset. You can also regularly see New Zealand fur seals, with New Zealand sea lions and elephant seals occasional visitors to the beach.

Oamaru Accommodation

The World's Smallest Penguin - The Little Blue (Kororā)

Māori name as Kororā and is a treasured and protected native species. Penguins began nesting in a rock quarry at the edge of Oamaru Harbour in the early 1990s. Today, it's Oamaru’s largest tourist attraction. You can purchase tickets to view penguins coming in at night. There is also a day trip around the enclosure where you can see penguins through a viewing box.

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